About Us

I am from a rural area and when I started my practical life ten years ago at that time I faced many hurdle and troubles. I tried my level best to achieve my set objective and I enhanced my skills, for that I traveled far and wide even different cities of Pakistan. All these struggles were just to become a beneficial person for me and for others. I planned and desired that I will set a platform for other people where individuals from whole globe visit that platform and quench their thirst for knowledge. These visitors will be assisted by professional teachers and lecturers on spot which are fully free of cost. The medium of communication or delivery of knowledge is Urdu that is an easy way to understand that what tutor is saying. This project is for human well-being and its main reason is just to educate people both practically and theoretically ways. It is specifically designed for.

1. Deserved and needy individuals.
2. Person belongs to rural areas.
3. Females which have different types of restriction from families, traditions and even they cannot travel big cities for that.
4. To provide chance degree holders who do not have any practical experience or option.
5. Students from IT institute paying bulk fee, but unable to perform practically.

The mentioned data was compiled from the students feed-back in different times. Shortly, this online free service is reliable, safe, genuine and friendly. It is more flexible modular platform that permits a convenient future development. The student gets maximum benefits from this online education net work and easily benefited from best available teachers.
At this moment our registered students exceeded more than 10000 round the world just as they belong to Pakistan, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and Bangladesh. Student from Urdu speaking countries are taking regular classes through this website. This website is growing with the passage of time and has become Pakistan’s prime and first online huge educating network. We offer 12 hours live helpline through that our team expert solves students issue by e-mail or telephonic discussion.

The managements have designed web site where users do the following task one by one.
1. First, they register themselves with this website.
2. Fill up an account of valid academic information.
3. Log into their favorite or required course.
4. Attend daily class and listen schedule lesson, which is for that particular day.
5. After completing lecture they answer related MCQs.
6. Next lesson require clearance of MCQs test of current lesson.
7. Our team is maintaining and handling carefully our database.

This online educational network is popular globally and it gets international fame because we are receiving feed-back from all over the world students. The students are demanding that the network service should be affiliated with government authorized institute, but their certification is genuine and can be verified online.

Insha'Allah in coming days the student will be proud of this reputable organization to its dedication, hard-work and sincerity. Moreover, your request will be entertained and resolve within no time. Please contact us for further information or quires just call.
Cell# +92 0348 48 48 184
e-mail : admin@onlinediploma.pk
website : www.onlinediploma.pk

Thanks and regards.