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About this Course

This course is designed for the experienced AutoCAD user who requires additional training. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings with AutoCAD. This course continues to build on the basic concepts of the AutoCAD Associate Course.


AUTODESK AUTOCAD MECHANICAL 2015 course consist of 150 lessons. You must complete them all to get certificate.

Course introduction and Outline

Altering Objects

  • Stretch objects
  • Offset objects
  • Create a radius between objects
  • Trim and extend objects
  • Break and join objects


  • Work with Text: text styles,
  • text justification, and multi-line text
  • Set the Annotative property for objects
  • Create and use Multileaders

Create Template Content

  • Create and use templates
  • Creating Additional Drawing Objects Hide and isolate objects
  • Create polylines
  • Edit polylines


  • Create Dimensions
  • Edit Dimensions
  • Work with dimension styles

Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands

  • Calculate the area of objects
  • Change object properties
  • Use layers

Hatching Objects

  • Use hatching

Insert and Manage External References

  • Apply External References

Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects

  • Isolate and hide objects

Manipulating Objects

  • Use grips
  • Copy, Move, Mirror, and Rotate objects
  • Use selection set methods
  • Describe and use arrays
  • Use rotation reference angles

Layouts and Visibility

  • Create and use Viewports
  • Create and use layouts
  • Create and manage Layers

Printing and Plotting

  • Use page setup for plotting

Reusable Content

  • Create, insert, and edit blocks

Making mechanical projects

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Certificate Sample


These are the students which completed course with extraordinary Marks.