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This is a kind of website where you can do diplomas for free. The purpose of making this website is that many young girls and boys are educated but they don’t have any special skills with which they can get a job.

This is a computer generation and almost at every place computer operators are being preferred.
To satisfy this need we have many computer courses which are very effective in doing job and in your own business.
Note: There will be no fees taken for any course in onlinediploma.pk. All the courses are for free. But if you need a course diploma after the completion of the course then in you will have to pay for the cost in that regard which will be quiet affordable.
The diploma holder will be issued a special package through which you can get the online verification from any institute.
The aim of this website is to make those people skillful who are suffering from unemployment inspite of being educated because they don’t know about any particular software used in a firm or cannot pay a huge amount to learn that from any institute. onlinediploma.pk is public welfare project and its purpose is to make educated people skillful because skillful people are very the true soul of the society. For any queries contact us on our helpline and to get the knowledge about any diploma join our forum.
We hope that this website will bring improvement in your life!
All the terms and conditions are imposed.

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